Terms and condition for Affiliate

These affiliate terms and conditions constitute a legal agreement between you and LinkBrood. After completing the application process, you become a LinkBrood affiliate partner by clicking on the submit button. Using the affiliate program, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. 

We reserve the right at our sole discretion to change, modify or alter the terms from time to time. You must regularly review all the terms at to ensure that You are aware of any changes in the Affiliate terms, as all the revised terms shall supersede the previous Affiliate terms. 

1:Definitions of different phrases and words used in the Terms 

“Affiliate” refers to a person or entity that participates in LinkBrood’s Affiliate program. The terms like “you” and “yours” refer to the Affiliate, whether or not capitalized. 

“Affiliate Program” refers to LinkBrood’s Program whereby Affiliates can earn revenues and commissions by referring new users to LinkBrood as outlined in the given Affiliate Terms. 

“Commission” refers to the money earned by you as an Affiliate in the Program. 

LinkBrood is a backlink building brand based in India, the USA, and Australia. The words “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to LinkBrood. 

“Referral Link” is any hyperlink to LinkBrood that an Affiliate has placed on the Affiliate website or on social media posting to get third parties to choose your services. 

“Service” refers to the LinkBrood’s link building services through PR outreach and blogger outreach. See our pricing page to understand better the plan types that may help you earn Commission. 

2:Enrollment in Our Affiliate Program 

Application Required: To be considered for participating in any of the Affiliate programs, you must complete and submit the Application form. 

Application Acceptance: When and where we accept your application, you will receive an email notifying you that your application is approved. We may accept or reject your application at our sole discretion. The reasons for rejection may include but will not limit to: inaccurate information, misleading, defamatory, fraudulent, violent, illegal or hateful content or if you had your access terminated due to the violation of the terms and conditions. 

Account Access Post-Acceptance: If your application is accepted, we will send you a welcome email along with the login details of your Affiliate account. You can find access to the referral links and suggested content for promotion from the account. Your account will also offer you information regarding your commissions. Your sole responsibility is to keep your delicate information and username and password information secure. YOU ARE NOT TO SHARE YOUR LOGIN CREDENTIALS WITH ANY OTHER ENTITY OR PERSON. 

You agree to share information that is complete, accurate and up-to-date. We will send communications to your mail associated with your account. If you agree to receive these and understand and agree that if you opt-out from receiving them or ask us to delete your personal data, your participation in the Program may be terminated by LinkBrood. You are deemed to receive notifications, approvals and communications sent to the given email address associated with your account. Even it is no longer current. 

3:Income Disclaimer 

LinkBrood doesn’t offer any guarantee or can guarantee any revenues through ideas, information, tools or strategies. LinkBrood offers a 90 days satisfaction guarantee for all products and services, but nothing on this page guarantees results or future earnings. Any financial numbers on the website are illustrative and should not be considered average earnings or promises for future performance. Always consult with your account and lawyer before acting on any information related to your lifestyle change or your business or finances. You are solely responsible for all decisions and actions. 

4:Affiliate Responsibilities And Restrictions 

As a member of the LinkBrood Affiliate Program. You warrant, represent and agree to the following:

Best Efforts: You will put in your best efforts to promote LinkBrood. You wil implement the referral links following the referral specifications outlined in the program materials we provide you. 

Maintain Your Site: You agree to maintain all your websites, social media accounts, and newsletters to promote LinkBrood. 

Compliance with Laws: You will follow and comply with all the applicable privacy, copyright laws and all laws that pertain to your website, along with all applicable privacy laws. 

Limited Rights to Use the LinkBrood Name: You are not allowed to promote LinkBrood through any media buying or use the name of LinkBrood in any domain name or as a part of your username on any social media or any other account. The “name” here will include everything from LinkBrood’s logos and the name of the products, offerings and different services, irrespective of whether LinkBrood has applied for a trademark for the service or not. 

No Paid Advertising: You are not permitted to buy or bid on any advertising platform using our name or bid on or buy the rights in any search tools or scratch engine to our name. 

No Promotion of Offensive Content: You are not permitted to mention or promote LinkBrood on any website or platform that is violent, illegal, harassing, hateful or has adult content. You agree that LinkBrood has the sole discretion to determine if the content is presentable. 

No Cookie-Stuffing: You may not use any form of Cookie-stuffing or click generators for tracking any cookies or anything that results in apparent clicks without actual referral links. You may not artificially generate clicks or impressions on your site to create visits on the LinkBrood site. Whether by robots, softwares or otherwise. 

No Verbatim Copying: You are suggested to use content and materials LinkBrood has provided for Affiliate to promote LinkBrood. You are not permitted to use or copy any other content that appears on the LinkBrood website or anywhere else that LinkBrood uses in a word-to-word fashion. The content should not be any form of paraphrasing. 

No Copying Look-and-Feel: You may not copy the look and feel of any LinkBrood website or web page. 

No Use of Malware And Viruses: You may not make use of any spyware,m malware, trojan, tracker or virus or any such things that are in connection with any referral link or otherwise links with the Program. 

No misrepresenting Our Relation: You cannot represent or hold yourself you to third parties as anything beyond an Affiliate of LinkBrood. You might not state or imply that you represent LinkBrood in any capacity unless we authorize you to do so outside the Program. 

Non-Disparagement: For receiving the Affiliate Commissions, you agree that you will not publicly disparage LinkBroof or any of its products or services, whether during or after the participation in the Program. 

You agree that LinkBrood may terminate your participation in the Program if you violate the terms and conditions of the LinkBrood Affiliate Program. 

5:LinkBrood’s Rights 

As a member of the LinkBrood Affiliate Program, you agree and understand that LinkBrood has the following rights over you:

We May Monitor Your Site And Pages: You, at this moment, offer us the right to monitor your website to make sure that you comply with all the Affiliate Terms and allow us to notify you of any changes that we believe should be made to the website to comply with our regulations. We solely reserve the right to terminate your participation in the Program if you fail to or refuse to make the required changes we requested. 

We Solely Determine The Terms Application To Referred Customers: Any customers who become subscribers of our services through your Affiliate Program referrals are bound to our terms of use, policies, and rules. The terms are subject to change, and we reserve the right to accept or terminate a subscription. In case of obligations or violation of our terms, rules or policies affects your right to a commission. 

Affiliate Commissions 

Eligibility Criteria: you are eligible to earn commissions set forth unless jurisdictions in which payment of Commission is not permitted or your application is not accepted, or you violate these affiliate terms. 

How you Earn Commissions: You earn a commission when a third party does any or all of the following: The party clicks on a referral link. Once on the LinkBrood webpage, the party sign up for the service the party pays an applicable subscription fee. Such party will be referred to as “Referred Party.” 

Commissions Not Earned: Referring party is not an Affiliate, and the Affiliate violates any provision of these Affiliate terms. 

Commission Amount: Where a Commission is due to the Affiliate hereunder, the Affiliate shall receive ten per cent (10%) with a limit of $100 ofthe Subscription fees received by LinkBrood from the Referred party. Remember that violation of the regulations can affect whether you are entitled to the Commission and the amount of Commission. 

Payment Of Commissions: Commissions will only be received on the LinkBrood account that you can use for other purchases with LinkBrood. The amount of Commission is only allowed for a withdrawal above $200. LinkBrood will show the royal amount of Subscription fees received from the referred party and the Commission earned. Affiliate agrees to keep updated the pieces of information. 

Legal Prohibition Effects: If we determine that the payment of the Commission is not permitted under any applicable laws or the refereed party violates laws in signing up, then we reserve the right not to pay the Commission. 

Taxes And Third-Party Fees: Affiliates are solely responsible for all the government-imposed taxes and levies and all the fees charged b the financial institutions in connection with the Affiliate; ‘s receipt of commission payments. 


You hereby grant us a non-transferable, revocable, and non-exclusive right to use your company names, titles, and logos to promote and publicize the Program. 

Both parties agree not to use each other’s names or proprietary matters in any matter that portrays any negativity. Other than any rights exclusively reserved with the Affiliate Terms, we retain all our titles and interest with our respective rights. 


You agree to defend, LinkBrood and all its related entities and each of its employees, directors, representatives, agents and contractors against any and all claims and actions brought against them by a third party based on breach of Affiliate terms. You further agree to indemnify the LinkBrood parties against any attorney fees, damages and any cost awarded by the court in favour of the parties that brought the Claim. 

Term Of Termination 

The terms of the Agreement shall continue as long as you are an Affiliate, and either party may terminate Affiliate participation in the Program with a written notice. 

Modification Of Terms

From time to time, we may make changes to these Affiliate Terms. You are responsible for reviewing these times from time to time and are bound by c=any changes made to the Program. Unless you choose to terminate your participation with LinkBrood’s Affiliate Program, such a termination may be the sole mode of recourse to object to such changes. You also agree that LinkBrood has the right to shut down or stop the Program at any time after paying all the commissions before that time. 


You warrant and agree that :

You have read and understood all the above-given Affiliate Terms and consulted your legal counsellor for advice when and where necessary before agreeing through the click-through process. 

You are bound to accept and abide by the Affiliate Terms and perform your obligations under the following Affiliate programs without any other party’s content. 

Independent Contractors: Each of the parties shall be deemed to be independent and different parties concerning the Affiliate Terms, and nothing in the Affiliate terms is deemed in ant manner for creating a joint venture, partnership, fiduciary or similar relationships. 

Assignability: You are restricted from assigning your rights or obligations under the given Affiliate Terms to any party. We are free to assign the Affiliate Terms to any LinkBrood entity or an acquirer of LinkBrood’s assets. 

Governing Laws: Except for any laws not permitted by the jurisdiction in which the Affiliate resides, the Affiliate terms will be governed by the substantive laws of India, Australia and the USA without reference to its choice or any conflicts on principles that require the application of laws of another jurisdiction. 

Entire Agreement: The given Affiliate Terms represent thethe entire Agreement between LinkBrood and Affiliate and shall supersede all formal agreements and communications. 

For more information, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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