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Getting high-quality backlinks has never been so easy! Secure your top spot on Google, Bing, and Yahoo with a monthly 5000-30,000 niche-specific organic traffic on your website. Even with our starter pack, you get 5000 assured organic traffic, and with our 30K+ plan, you can get as high as 100,000+ organic traffic.

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Authority Backlink Packages & Pricing
All backlinks are compatible with the latest Google Algorithm. It’s completely safe, and secure. Buy with confidence.
High DA Website
High DR Website
DA 20+
Mid Tier
Per Placement
10 Placements $50  $47 Each
25 Placements $50  $45 Each
50 Placements $50  $42 Each
DA 30+
High Tier
Per Placement
10 Placements $85  $81 Each
25 Placements $85  $78 Each
50 Placements $85  $68 Each
DA 40+
Per Placement
10 Placements $149  $141 Each
25 Placements $149  $134 Each
50 Placements $149  $126 Each
DA 50+
Platinum 1K+ Traffic
Per Placement
10 Placements $299  $284 Each
25 Placements $299  $269 Each
50 Placements $299  $254 Each
*All prices are in US dollars
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Boost your business with our high-quality authoritative backlinks

The backlinks have always been a highly sought-after thing to get ranked on the Search Engine’s Results Page. If done correctly, they can produce stunning results. At LinkBrood, we assure you that you get a foolproof path to get all the high-quality backlinks. We never encourage any cheating kind of thing. We take full responsibility for our backlinks, and we can assure you that the Search Engine webmasters will love your content.

Select your Package and get the backlinks:

You will get quality backlinks from PA, DA, .edu, .gov websites. All these websites hold significant importance and directly links with your niche,

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Do you know the importance of the URL in the SEO of your website? We help you develop the most unique URL.

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We served more than 390,000 orders, from more than 130,000 happy customers.

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We assure you of improved SERP of your website within 28 days. Our customers are boosted with greater than 270% revenue.

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We guarantee your website’s higher traffic and better SERP ranking in as low as 28 days of our service.

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Get high-quality authoritative backlinks at affordable rates. So what are you waiting for? Lead the market with an instance.

What is Authority Backlink?

Authority backlinks are the backlinks from high-traffic reliable websites that match your content. Quality backlinks on your website or blog are one of the prime factors that Google uses to rank your website in its SERP. 

The quality backlinks on your site from trusted domains help Google to understand that your contents hold high value, and will be helpful for the particular niche of the users. So, Google and other search engines rank your website higher in their SERP consistently. This helps you to get higher traffic on your website, thus serving the purpose of SEO.

Though if you are a new start-up of less than one month or so, your content has to be good enough and needs time to get recognition to get such high-quality and authoritative backlinks. 

Here is exactly where you need our help. We write all the content for your website and provide you with the backlinks for you so that you excel in your business.

Authority Backlink
Authority Backlinking Service

What does your backlinking service include?

Our backlinking services include:

How do we monitor the quality of the backlinks?

We only provide you the backlinks that come with:
gauge backlink quality

100% money back guarantee.

We provide a 90 days money-back guarantee for our service. We have crafted more than 39,000 successful entrepreneurs with 100% satisfaction and 100% retention rate. With the ever-changing SEO requirements of Google over the past few years, we have represented ourselves as one of the top SEO solutions, and we take pride in our service. 

So, give us a try, and if you are not satisfied, get your money back within the first 90 days of your order. Yes, you heard that right.

The Highest Rated Backlink Service Provider

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying backlinks is never safe, and if caught red-handed by Google Webmaster, your website may be penalized. Having said that, a high-quality authoritative backlink doesn’t come on its own. You either have to approach all the available editors and bloggers to get their recommendations, or you need to buy them which are not recommended. Can you just imagine how much you need to hustle to build your network with high-profile bloggers and content editors? Also, there is a high chance that in many cases, they may not give you a reply.

At LinkBrood, we approach bloggers and high-profile editors and secure high-quality backlinks for you. We never sell any backlinks. All our backlinks are 100% genuine, well crafted, and recognized by Google’s webmaster.

We will craft and design all your content. Rest assured, your content is all designed with 100% SEO optimization and built from the hands of content creators with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing.

Google always favors simple and engaging content, with an average of 1400 words. So, we provide you with content that is of average 1000-2000 word length and at absolutely free of cost. Like many of our fellow service providers, we do not just provide random articles. We craft well-researched content with excellent graphics and pictures.

Our in-house research team works in all types of niches.

Also, we use natural, branded, or, naked URL anchor texts. But if you have any SEO expert who can offer you the same, we are open to suggestions.

We will always be there for your support in any case. If the links are removed, we will provide you with an appropriate replacement.

We assure you of a normal turnaround time of 20 to 25 days. Though, depending on your niche and other off-page SEO factors, some of the sites may experience a lesser or longer turnaround time.

Anytime! You can schedule a meeting with us and share your feelings. Just type on the chat icon below or go to the ‘Contact Us page to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

The ranking of your website doesn’t only depend on the link-building strategy. There are many other more important factors like:

  • The keyword that you are using to target your audience. The more competitive the keyword, the higher time it will take to get your website ranked on Google’s SERP.
  • Your on-page SEO tactics. All the on-page SEO factors should be in the proper place,
  •  Your contents must serve the actual purpose of the readers, and,
  •  Other off-page SEO optimizations; like local SEO, your business reputation, etc.

If all the above points are correctly covered at your end before you approach us, you can expect a faster result. Your SERP ranking may take a higher time if you are targeting highly competitive keywords.

Though, if you allow us to take care of all your website’s SEO tactics, we will surely provide you with a proper time estimation your website can take to rank on SERP.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We will provide you a full refund if you ask before the work of your website has started at our end.

In general, all backlinks provided by our team are safe. However, it is recommended to get the services providing higher authority and faster results. Our team makes sure to deliver authoritative backlinks to our clients.

Usually, it takes 24 hours to deliver backlinks to our clients after orders are made to our company.

Well, it has been seen that Google or any other search engine indexes the backlinks within a maximum time of two months. But in case you access our premium service it may reduce to 2 weeks.

Yes, we can share some of our sites with the public. You can visit our platform and go through the list of our premium sites.

You can use websites like majestic SEO or to get an idea of the number of backlinks your site has. But remember that these sites crawl the web using their bots and thus, their search capability is limited.

In case you have a personal blog or small site with the low competition then it is recommended to buy a 5000+ backlinks package. If you own a business website then you should opt for a 10,000+ backlinks package.

To make it convenient for our clients we provide both options.

Yes, we provide backlinks for blogs, youtube videos, social media, websites, etc helping you to increase your search rankings.

In case your backlinks are removed by accident then we provide you a replacement.

Usually, our turnaround time is 25-30 days. However, some sites take less or more time depending on the editorial calendar.

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