Blogger Outreach FAQ

Backlinks are considered to be a vote of confidence for online businesses. The website with high-quality, authoritative backlinks is deemed reputable in the eyes of Google.

Linkbrood brings credible link-building services to help you achieve high domain authority (DA). Our result-oriented SEO and marketing campaigns boost brand awareness, improve rankings and traffic for businesses. We are a team of experienced professionals who can craft a personalized approach for every project. Our incredible high-quality link-building services have brought lucrative results for numerous companies.

We take client satisfaction as a priority and hence assist them from scratch. Explore some of the frequently asked queries from our clients to get a better idea about us.

General Questions & Answer

Yes, you will get a detailed reporting of the live links and dashboard accessibility. You will find complete assistance with what you’ve ordered. Once the blog owners add the post URL into the system, it will be pushed to the order report.

The link placement is highly contextual with Linkbrood’s premium SEO backlinks service. Our team will create highly engaging content and add a new post on the website of your choice.

We have an experienced and professional team of writers to prepare content for the backlink postings. Our in-house professional native writers can prepare a worthy content of 500-1000 words. We do thorough research on the topic and frame an engaging content plan. We use multiple content and SEO tools to ensure quality standards. The content is run through skilled proofreading before making the final publication.

Yes, the high-quality guest-post backlinks will remain permanently for a lifetime. We ensure to keep the links active and the same can be monitored as well. In case of any link removal, we allow link replacement or refund offers as well.

The Linkbrood has highly trained staff and systems to deliver the SEO link building service. We are here to ensure the guest posting is done in the right manner that can keep serving the business ranking for plenty of years. It is also referred to as the white hat SEO backlink process.

Definitely not! We make sure that all the backlinks are created on real websites. Our services can deliver real traffic and avoid PBN links through proper inspection. Avail of the Linkbrood Guarantee in which we offer link replacement and money-back guarantee in case of any issue.

Blogger Outreach Questions & Answer

The main function of the Blogger Outreach Service is to get you relevant links and mentions to your sites from other influencers and bloggers. We search for the trending bloggers and secure you relevant high-quality guest post backlinks which result in improved search rankings of your site.

Yes, it is safe to use a blogger outreach service. You will be delivered organic, relevant, and white-hat links helping you to secure top rankings in the SERPs. Our team makes sure that the content written is fresh and unique and also provides you with valuable readers.

Apart from adult websites, we cover up all sorts of niches in our best-in-class blogger outreach services. We even do not do manual blogger outreach. Choose us to publish guest posts to any other niche and build a powerful online presence.

Yes, you can select DA for your blogs. Our system updates DA regularly allowing you to choose the latest DA metrics for your placement.

The backlinks delivered by us through the blogger outreach service are sustainable and remain intact even after the termination of your contract with us. In case you find your backlink being removed, although it has the rarest chance, we guarantee 100% money-back or backlink replacement.

Yes, definitely we can help you with all queries before purchasing the service. Go ahead and contact us right away to discuss further.

LinkBrood is equipped with a team of qualified and experienced writers professionals in writing trending and unique content based on different niches. The purpose of each content written by our writers is to educate readers. Our team is expert in incorporating the links of your client naturally in the content.

Yes, our platform provides the flexibility of choosing any quantity during the order procedure and even mixing the requirements of your DA and word counts.

Placements provided by us will last indefinitely. However, when it comes to giving a guarantee, it is usually provided for 90 days. The majority will be around for years till the blog is run by the website’s owner.

We are a trustworthy link-building services provider and can surely share the sample domains. You can overview where your links will be placed. Contact us to get the samples right away.

Usually, this doesn’t happen, still, we make sure to keep you informed after reviewing the order. If we face any sort of problem with the niche and can’t solve it, we will initiate a refund as well. However, this is a very rare case and we try our best to provide prominent link-building services.

These are some of the tough niches to create new backlinks. However, we suggest you contact us and let us analyze the best services and pricing plan.

We deliver the editorial in-content links with the natural approach. LinkBrood is a top-notch blogger outreach service provider that strengthens the natural aspect of the content.

We prefer to put placements on US, Australian, and UK blogs. The entire blogs will be in English language and with secure placements on .com, .net, .co.UK, .org.

We allow you to keep track of the live progress and see where the links are placed. Analyze the content quality and links with an easy-to-use dashboard. We follow the ghost-blogging approach that doesn’t need any pre-approval.

Yes, you’re allowed to choose the quantity of work during the order process. Enter the anchor text and URLs for specific lines.

We have a team of experienced and professional content writers that provides the relevant content. It will be natural and non-promotional, offering value to the readers. You can easily secure the links in quality blogs and gain quality results.

Our team makes sure that links are placed in the body of the content and nowhere else. Each of the links is an in-content link.

Yes, we guarantee unique domains. It is made sure that no duplicate domains are provided for the orders. Our company follows a unique system enabling us to keep track of every placement made for your account so that no same site is repeated.

Yes, you definitely can write the content on your own. Our team will review it to make sure that it matches the standard quality required by our partners to publish it on their blogs.

Yes, you can review the content. Just ask our account manager for the same and you will be delivered a copy of the content written by our writers.

Our team may do so but with our experience, we have noticed that these specific sites are challenging to foster a real relationship. In case you have such requirements, just contact our team and share the details with them.

If you are looking forward to creating a successful SEO strategy, then it’s imperative to mix up your anchor link placements. Our blog outreach service researches the rankings of relevant keywords and then starts placing the anchor texts.

One of the main reasons why we are established as the top company providing blogger outreach services is because of our link guarantee. We have invested years of relationships with our publishers and thus, we guarantee permanent links to our clients.

No, these two are completely different services. Blogger outreach service tends to get more qualified leads compared to the guest posting service.

In case you are looking forward to placing an order for blogger outreach, then make sure to obtain a white-label report.

The blogger outreach backlink will remain alive as long as the existence of website.

Authority Backlinks Questions & Answer

Buying backlinks is never safe, and if caught red-handed by Google Webmaster, your website may be penalized. Having said that, a high-quality authoritative backlink doesn’t come on its own. You either have to approach all the available editors and bloggers to get their recommendations, or you need to buy them which are not recommended. Can you just imagine how much you need to hustle to build your network with high-profile bloggers and content editors? Also, there is a high chance that in many cases, they may not give you a reply.

At LinkBrood, we approach bloggers and high-profile editors and secure high-quality backlinks for you. We never sell any backlinks. All our backlinks are 100% genuine, well crafted, and recognized by Google’s webmaster.

We will craft and design all your content. Rest assured, your content is all designed with 100% SEO optimization and built from the hands of content creators with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing.

Google always favors simple and engaging content, with an average of 1400 words. So, we provide you with content that is of average 1000-2000 word length and at absolutely free of cost. Like many of our fellow service providers, we do not just provide random articles. We craft well-researched content with excellent graphics and pictures.

Our in-house research team works in all types of niches.

Also, we use natural, branded, or, naked URL anchor texts. But if you have any SEO expert who can offer you the same, we are open to suggestions.

We will always be there for your support in any case. If the links are removed, we will provide you with an appropriate replacement.

We assure you of a normal turnaround time of 20 to 25 days. Though, depending on your niche and other off-page SEO factors, some of the sites may experience a lesser or longer turnaround time.

Anytime! You can schedule a meeting with us and share your feelings. Just type on the chat icon below or go to the ‘Contact Us page to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

The ranking of your website doesn’t only depend on the link-building strategy. There are many other more important factors like:

  • The keyword that you are using to target your audience. The more competitive the keyword, the higher time it will take to get your website ranked on Google’s SERP.
  • Your on-page SEO tactics. All the on-page SEO factors should be in the proper place,
  •  Your contents must serve the actual purpose of the readers, and,
  •  Other off-page SEO optimizations; like local SEO, your business reputation, etc.

If all the above points are correctly covered at your end before you approach us, you can expect a faster result. Your SERP ranking may take a higher time if you are targeting highly competitive keywords.

Though, if you allow us to take care of all your website’s SEO tactics, we will surely provide you with a proper time estimation your website can take to rank on SERP.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We will provide you a full refund if you ask before the work of your website has started at our end.

In general, all backlinks provided by our team are safe. However, it is recommended to get the services providing higher authority and faster results. Our team makes sure to deliver authoritative backlinks to our clients.

Usually, it takes 24 hours to deliver backlinks to our clients after orders are made to our company.

Well, it has been seen that Google or any other search engine indexes the backlinks within a maximum time of two months. But in case you access our premium service it may reduce to 2 weeks.

Yes, we can share some of our sites with the public. You can visit our platform and go through the list of our premium sites.

You can use websites like majestic SEO or to get an idea of the number of backlinks your site has. But remember that these sites crawl the web using their bots and thus, their search capability is limited.

In case you have a personal blog or small site with the low competition then it is recommended to buy a 5000+ backlinks package. If you own a business website then you should opt for a 10,000+ backlinks package.

To make it convenient for our clients we provide both options.

Yes, we provide backlinks for blogs, youtube videos, social media, websites, etc helping you to increase your search rankings.

In case your backlinks are removed by accident then we provide you a replacement.

Usually, our turnaround time is 25-30 days. However, some sites take less or more time depending on the editorial calendar.

Guest Post Backlinks Questions & Answer

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a guest posting service. It’s effective, affordable, and brings better results to your website that lasts for a long time. With ‘LinkBrood’ you can rest assured that nothing can go wrong with your website. The content provided by our team will not only act as a promoting tool but also will be authoritative enough for your readers to find it beneficial.

Yes, you can! Just make sure that your content is ready before placing the order to avoid delays in publishing it. Also, it will be reviewed by our team so that it can be made sure that your content meets the quality standards of our partners and is ready to serve for quality backlinks.

DA, short form for Domain Authority is a comparative ground to measure and compare the authority of the websites running on the internet. The higher the website DA, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Yes, by default they are. We always get you do-follow backlinks to provide you with certain benefits.

You can’t expect to achieve success in SEO only in one day. It takes time. There is no certain period within which you can see results. You just need to have patience when implementing a guest posting & backlinking strategy.

We can provide you with some options with the necessary details and metric measurements so that you can select the best website.

Yes, our team makes sure to maintain these placements for a long time. We monitor these placements for at least six months. In case the links of your site go down then you can access our free replacement service. We provide a 90 days refund offer for all our backlink services.

We comply with the guidelines of Google’s webmaster and work in all niches. Our professional SEO team and content writers ensure world-class results for your business.

In case the guest post backlink delivered by our company is not successful within two months then we will refund your investment.

If you are not aware of the relevant keywords then leave them to our team. Our experts will research the relevant keywords for your business.

Yes, you can see our samples. Just ask for them from our account manager.

We charge on a per-backlink basis and our team keeps working till our clients receive what they have paid for. While there is no way to guarantee the backlinks, our company had a 100% success rate for so many years.

The main goal of our company is to post articles on qualitative websites so that authoritative backlinks can be generated and thus, ideal traffic can be attracted towards the site of our clients.

Yes, you can choose your anchor text when accessing our guest posting backlink service. In case you don’t have any idea related to it then our team will provide a relevant anchor text.

We always submit blog posts to the sites where they remain permanently. But in case they are removed within 3 months after going live, then we will fix or replace the link.

Our company believes that it is the qualitative content that helps to build ideal guest posting links. Our team makes sure to research thoroughly about the business of our clients and then create a qualitative guest post to generate relevant backlinks.

Our team understands your business and provides personalized strategies based on it. We submit guest posts on websites related to your niche. But can't surely tell you which sites will accept our pitches.

No, there is no such difference between guest posting and guest blogging service. Our company provides both whether you say it as a guest posting or guest blogging service.

Press Releases Backlinks Questions & Answer

A press release, also known by different names such as new release, press statement, video release, or media release is a piece of information or news that informs media as well as the general public about the recent developments of a particular organization.
In other words, it can be said that a news release is an official statement that is released in the media to deliver important information about the new developments like merging of two companies, new hires, product launches, etc to the public.

You might be thinking why you should even bother writing a press release? Here we have mentioned some key benefits that your business can gain from writing and distributing press releases:

  • Increase your site’s visibility by getting covered on media sites and blogs
  • Increase the traffic of your website
  • Get your company featured in the Google News
  • Get your site’s rankings improved
  • Enhance your business trust and credibility

A press release of your company is not going to get featured magically on the cover of Forbes. But when things are done right, your press release can act as a powerful tool helping you to spread the word about the cool stuff your organization is doing in the world.

  • Don’t be tempted to write the press release just for the sake of SEO. Instead, your press release should always talk about noteworthy announcements prompting multiple media outlets to write about it. Linkbrood will guide & assist you to get qualitative press release backlinks at affordable charges.
  • We try to include an organic backlink in the word file containing your press release. First, we write an attractive press release and then add a qualitative backlink to it. Journalists use copy-and-paste sections of the press release which further increases your chance of getting more premium backlinks and traffic.
  • We try to pitch your story to influential journalists while putting the same effort as in the email pitch as you did in writing the press release. A poor-quality pitch will not prompt the journalist to even go through your press release.
  • One way to attract the attention of journalists to your press release is to upload it on the submission sites. Usually, these sites are scoured by journalists for their stories. We list the press release on some free and paid submission sites to make the most out of it.
  • Also, keep in mind that there will always be alternatives to press releases helping you to secure organic premium backlinks.

Yes, we provide reporting when your press release has been fully distributed. You can get the complete information from the dashboard as well.

By default, it usually takes 24 hours to fully distribute your press release. In case you want to distribute your press release on a specific day or time, then you can mention the same while placing the order.

We at LinkBrood, provide you with a simple and easy-to-fill form. Press releases are distributed within 24 hours by default. You just have to connect with us and we will guide you right away. 

LinkBrood PR Distribution has established itself as the leader in the press distribution arena. By accessing our service you can easily reach renowned online news networks, social sites, radio stations, search engines, and industry journals all over the nation.

Our company offers 4 primary packages varying according to the level of services. Our clients have the flexibility to choose any package according to their needs.

No, there is no need to pay extra for such things. All you need to do is provide the link for video or image, our team will include them in your press release.

Based on your package, we guarantee distribution of your press release to popular search engines, blogs, radio stations, online TV stations, industry journals fitting your niche.

No, it is not possible to provide the guarantee in advance related to the time and date when your press release will be distributed.

Distribution of press releases helps with the faster indexing of your website from popular search engines further helping in increasing the search rankings for specific keywords.

It is better to have 400-500 words in a press release. Our team never charges extra money for the press release having a word count under 1,000.

We highly recommend you to review the press release created by us and until you are satisfied with it we don’t distribute your press release. Once the press release is published we can get it removed from our partner sites in return for extra charges. But it is not possible to get the press release removed from other sites.

It’s simple. You just have to click on the ‘Order Now’ button. You will see a form that you have to fill to submit your press release to our company.

Our company requires your valid contact name, e-mail id, address, and phone number before distributing the news release.

Managed SEO Questions & Answer

We provide an all-inclusive managed SEO service. So, everything you need is included like keyword research, site audit, on-page optimization, technical SEO, content creation, and many other things.

We manage the SEO ranking of your site depending on a number of factors such as previously used SEO services, the competitiveness of your niche, your budget, and many others. Usually, it takes about two months to see the results based on our experience with our clients. To know more about your site, you can contact us any time.

We at LinkBrood offer monthly managed SEO services. So, our team delivers the service within 30 days.

You should never buy backlinks for your site as it is discouraged by Google. Instead, you should access our managed SEO service that will help you to get the backlinks from authoritative bloggers and websites contributing to the improved rankings. A contextual backlink from the relevant website is always welcomed by Google.

LinkBrood is equipped with a team of qualified and experienced writers professionals in writing trending and unique content based on different niches. The purpose of content written by our writers is to educate readers. Our team is expert in incorporating the links of your client naturally in the content.

Yes, we do have a refund policy. All your money will be sent back to you before the starting of the campaign. But after the campaign starts, there will be no refunds.

Yes, if your website is hosted on WordPress then we can implement on-page changes for your website.

Yes, you are allowed to optimize any page of the website. All you need to do is to provide the web page URL while purchasing our services. Our professional team of experts will take care of the optimization task.

Yes, of course, we can enhance the rankings with profound on-page SEO services. We will do thorough research about the keywords and optimize the same too. The catchy title and descriptions on the search results just by reading Title & Descriptions.

We understand the website requirements and frame a stand-alone strategy to grow your business objectives. You can rely on our dedicated managed SEO service. With us, you will get everything required to rank higher in Google SERP.

Yes, definitely! SEO marketing is a must-tool for every online business that is looking forward to enhanced growth. While you might be struggling with the query to really use the service or not, others are achieving huge traffic and growth with our result-driven Managed SEO services. We combine the best strategy with the proven measures to gain the new growth objectives.

At LinkBrood company, we stand behind our work and results. Our professional team has years of experience in providing efficiently managed SEO service to clients.

SEO metrics help to evaluate the performance of websites. Many SEO metrics like Domain Authority have been developed by leading platforms such as MOZ and Ahrefs to analyze the website’s traffic.

Yes, our managed SEO service is safe for your new site. No matter if the site is new or old. Our team makes sure to provide 100% safe and ethical backlinks to our clients.

It is web design that guarantees the success of businesses. An SEO-optimized site can be easily indexed and crawled by the search engines helping to increase the search rankings.

SEO is an ongoing process requiring highly technical knowledge and skills from web design to content creation and marketing. At LinkBrood company you will get all these services under one roof.

It is the keywords that act as the base of SEO. We, at LinkBrood company, search for the keywords relevant to your business and incorporate those in your content for SEO optimization.

At LinkBrood company, we monitor the websites of our clients on a weekly basis. Our team provides the reports consisting of all important details at the end of every month.

LinkBrood company worked for years and has unlocked the difficulty to navigate the whole world of online marketing. We inform our clients of what we are doing and why we are doing it so that there is no mystery.

Our company is equipped with the most professional and experienced team who is providing their services to our clients for years at a 100% satisfaction rate. Thus, we feel confident in providing a guarantee for the first-page ranking to our clients.

We use only white hat SEO techniques. Therefore, you need not worry about the penalties charged or being banned by Google.

Content Writing Questions & Answer

At LinkBrood we are teamed up with dedicated and experienced content writers who are experts in different subjects and topics and have in-depth knowledge about the terminologies used in different niches including hospitality, e-commerce, management, healthcare, IT, real estate, and many more.

When we receive the request from our clients, one of our account managers contacts them and discusses their project requirements. We try to understand the business of our clients and their targeted audience so that we can provide relevant content with appropriate keywords. We assign the content to our writers based on their experience in a related niche. And the specific writer drafts the content according to the information provided by the clients. 

We at LinkBrood have expert curators who research the subject and guide our writers for the relevant keywords throughout the content so that search engines can recognize the content easily. The content of our clients is optimized by our professional team to create a meaningful impact on the search engine rankings.

LinkBrood is equipped with professional and qualified writers having experience in writing content related to different niches. Our writers provide the clients with well-researched, well-formatted, and high-quality content. You can go through our testimonials to get an idea about the quality of the content writing services we offer.

Our clients rarely feel dissatisfied with the quality of the content written by our writers but if you don’t like the content then you can ask for a rework. Our content writers will revise the document and edit it according to your requirements.

Of course, you can. If you are satisfied with the content provided by our company and want to work with the same writer, just let us know. LinkBrood is happy to entertain your request.

Yes, we can include the images in the content. If our clients specify the inclusion of any relevant picture in their content then our team provides them with high-quality photos incorporated in their content.

Yes, you will have to make 50 percent of the quoted payment in advance so that you can have access to the advantages that follow. The rest of the payment can be made after receiving the content.

LinkBrood provides 100% original and plagiarism-free content to our clients. Our professional writers research the topic given by our clients thoroughly before writing on it. Plus, our editors use the best plagiarism checkers to know if the content is plagiarism-free.

In case you have any queries you can reach out to us at [email protected]

It is always better to get the help of a professional SEO content writing agency as they are experts in providing qualitative content which improves the performance of the website and leads to an increase in the search rankings.

We offer content in different formats such as blogs, press releases, case studies, articles, infographics, videos, and many more.

We have different plans for our clients. You can visit our website to know more about our price structure.

Yes, once the content is delivered to you by our company you own the IP rights for it.

You can use the content however you like. Almost every customer of our company uses our content writing service to create website content. You can use the content created by us as blogs, articles, press releases, product descriptions, case studies, and many other forms.

Yes, our clients need to provide necessary information such as topic, title, keywords they want to include, word count, their budget, and lastly their expectations. One of our Account Managers contacts the clients and they can deliver the same information to him.

Yes, SEO content writing services at LinkBrood include regular website content. We ensure that the content provided by us is SEO-optimized.

Our turn-around depends on different plans provided by us. You can check our plans to find more about our turn-around times.

Yes, we do accept bulk orders. We at LinkBrood are equipped with a large team of professional writers and proofreaders. Thus, we can deal with the bulk orders without compromising the quality of the content.

Yes, we do revise the content until our client is fully satisfied. And we don’t charge extra for the revision work.

We are proud to tell you that our team writes only high-quality articles. The qualitative content helps to increase the online visibility of the website, build trust with your customers, and spread the good word for your brand. Not only this but the search rankings achieved through good quality content last for long.

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