How to submit a guest post on the .edu site?

guest post on the .edu site

Are you looking for an impressive SEO boost for your website? Then .edu backlinks can be the easiest way to think of to rank above your competitors.

If you look at the example below, you will see that a travel project got around 36 backlinks from .edu sites thanks to student scholarships which led to an 834% increase in traffic as compared to the last year.

Website Growth after EDU websites

Let us take another example.

Kingphillip is a restaurant located in Phillipson, Massachusetts, that offers a lavish lunch and dinner menu for its customers. But, even with the vast menu and attractive interiors, it might just look like any other local restaurant in the area.

harvard backlink

But, the main reason why the restaurant enjoys the maximum traffic is that it wants a coveted Harvard university .edu link.

But, the question here is, how did a local restaurant gain a backlink from a prestigious university like Harvard?

The answer is simple: since the restaurant is in close to the college and offers high-quality food, it has been recognized as a credible source.

So, from this example, we can see that even though it might be extremely hard to get backlinks from the top institutes like Harvard to your website, it is not impossible.

Instead, you can earn high-quality backlinks from such prestigious institutions without resorting to any spammy, low-quality SEO tactics. And our professionals at LinkBrood can help you through the process.

Earning even a handful of the quality edu backlinks can be highly beneficial to you and can lead to an extreme hike in the search engine rankings.

So, if you are trying to enhance your online reputation and visibility, then continue reading….

Let’s dig in and discover the ways to get the most quality backlinks from EDU domains.

What do you mean by .edu backlinks?

An EDU backlink refers to many links that are obtained from a .edu domain.

.edu domains example

For example, if you get a backlink from a site like, it will be considered a high-quality .edu backlink.

These links are acquired from domains of the official websites of universities, schools, or any other educational institution.

One of the main reasons these links are so in demand among SEO professionals is that they help extensively improve the site’s page and domain ranking.

Having more EDU backlinks will help you build trust and thus help bring in more traffic and better rankings in your niche.

But, even though theoretically getting these links might seem simple, it is actually a trick to get these .edu backlinks.

So, what is your best shot?

Please choose from our list of top 40 EDU domains to get these backlinks hassle-free and boost your site’s visibility.

Benefits of .edu backlinks

It is clear that not all backlinks are made equal. So, getting links from spammy forums will not take your anywhere.

So, Google will assign you a higher value if you can get high-quality white-hat backlinks from the top educational domains.

Scholarly content is considered to be high-quality.

Credibility Continuum

As you can see, the contents from the academic sites are considered to be the most legitimate and trustworthy.

The main reason why you get trust by having .edu links is that they have high-quality content on such sites.

Edu sites are generally aged.

The .edu sites are already indexed by google, and they thus have more authority.

An Orbit Media survey showed the average lifespan of a website turned out to be two years and seven months. This means that most websites don’t tend to last long enough to build authority.


On the other hand, the EDU websites have been on the web for decades now, and they have much more clout on the SERPs than an average website.

EDU sites are filled with quality backlinks

The top high-authority domains have various references found within the education website pages. This is one of the main reasons they can extensively improve your website’s domain and page authority.

EDU backlinks don’t use any link schemes

After the panda and the penguin update, Google puts down any website that employs link schemes.

These schemes can include anything from buying links to manipulating other websites for ranking.

But, it is hard for spammers to get links from EDU websites as they have pretty high standards and have strict guidelines.

Now that you know that these links are beneficial, the main question remains how to build links from such prestigious websites?

You need to keep a few points in mind while posting guest posts for these websites.

Firstly, it is best to go through a few similar posts to understand better what is working for others. You need to pay attention to the tone, the audience, and the word count.

Secondly, you need to build a strong relationship with the bloggers before posting your guest post. So, remember not to write a post that already exists. You will increase the chances of duplicating and find it hard to draw the editorial board’s attention as similar information already exists in the Google search consoles.

Thirdly, compelling content and an attractive headline are crucial to publishing your article. Also, remember that the content needs to be visually appealing, and thus adding a few images can help do the trick.

Lastly, remember that keyword stuffing is considered to be a black-hat practice by Google, so restrain from it.

But, even if you follow these criteria, you might be able to get your article on such prestigious websites.

Reason? They are incredibly picky.

So, what can you do? Reach out to us for our .edu backlink building services.

How can you get backlinks from the top EDU domains?

In most cases, you will find that the top universities won’t even notice you to be an authoritative source of information unless you have excellent scholarly content on your website.

For example, having a Pulitzer prize content might pull in their interest. But that is not viable for all businesses, is it?

Then what can you do?

Don’t worry, as we have over 40+ top .edu sites lined up for you to get backlinks from.

With domain ratings as high as 95. With us, you can get backlinks from the most prestigious educational sites like Berkley with the aid of the best white-hat techniques.

We carry out a detailed analysis to find the domain authority and the page rankings of the websites we offer for backlinking.

With a massive list of over 40 .edu sites, we are sure that you will find the best edu site that can help you rank higher and become a source of authority.

We believe in offering you simplicity and transparency. And thus make the entire process easy for you.

For example, let’s assume you are looking for the top .edu websites in Australia. Then all you need to do is go to our sites and pricing page and choose using the TLD filter.

You will find all the top websites listed out for you and their domain ratings, page ratings, traffic, and pricing.

Step 1: Visit our Sites & Pricing Page

Step 2: Choose the TLD filter

Once you choose the right TLD all .edu websites list will be shown in the table.

Step 3: Now you just need to select the websites you want to buy a guest post by clicking the Buy Now button.

The best part about availing our services is that, we offer you with an option to select multiple websites for link building. So, go through the different websites listed and finalize your order.

Once you have finalized the websites you want your backlinks from, you can proceed to checkout.

As you can see above, some websites are from The others are from Thus, you can choose your websites according to your specific requirements.

We are a company that solely believes in customer satisfaction. Thus, if you have any queries or cannot understand any part of the process of .edu link building, feel free to contact us through our chat support.


We hope this blog has served your purpose on what .edu backlinks are, why they are essential, and how we can help you get your guest posts on the top educational websites.

For more information, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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