What is Backlink? | SEO Example & Checklist – 2022

What is Backlinks

A backlink is a link through one website to a page on another website. Backlinks are used as a ranking signal by search engines like Google because when one website links to another, it indicates that the material is valuable. Backlinks of great quality can boost a website’s rating and visibility in search engine results.What is Backlink Backlinks are links through one website’s site to another’s page. LinkBrood have such a backlink from anybody who links to your website. If you connect to another website, you are providing them with a backlink.

Incoming links, inbound links and inward connections are all terms used to describe backlinks.

SEO Example of Backlinks-

In this SEO example of backlink, We’ll look at one of the website’s backlinks from in this case. This link was discovered using our Link Tool, however anyone else link tool should work.

Example of Backlinks

Here’s how a backlink looks like on the page a backlink looks

And this is how it appears in the page’s code:

how it appears

Its backlink in the sample above is “Online shopping SEO,” as you can see. This is a completely appropriate word because it describes exactly what will appear on the website after you click the link.

But, if backlinks are so easy to come by and can be found anywhere, why are they so beneficial? To answer this, we must first understand how they function.

How Do Backlinks work?

A backlink search Engine that someone thinks your article is worthwhile. Various sorts of backlinks, on the other hand, have various impacts. The anchor text connected with the backlink, as well as other characteristics like as its placement on the page (links put higher up have more influence), will affect how Search crawls the connection.

For an example, suppose Annie is a blogger, and she writes a very interesting article about a travelling.

Another blogger, Anjali links to Annie’s article when sharing her viewpoint. Because such she writes about the topic on her well-known online magazine site, this creates a backlink to Annie’s post.

Many other websites will link to her post because the online magazine is well-known. Annie’s article also receives a key authority backlink from a trustworthy site, increasing the authority of the online magazine. It’s really a huge victory.

How Do Backlinks work

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are important for both Search Engines and people because backlinks are a technique for individuals to access other sources of information on the same or similar topics from the customer viewpoint.

Backlinks to your website are essentially a signal to search engines indicating people approve your information. When several sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines can surmise that substance is worth posting to, and therefore also worth emerging on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Why Are Backlinks Important

As an outcome, getting these backlinks might improve a site’s ranking position or search exposure.

Backlinks are also crucial for end customers since they connect searchers with content that is comparable to what is posted on other resources about same theme.

Backlinks to your website are used by search engines like Google to assess the quality of your own website. Sites with a greater number of received links receive greater score from Google.

Moreover, the higher backlink’s quality, the better. It is significantly less useful to have backlinks from highly reliable and established websites than it is to get backlinks from low-quality websites.

In fact, if the websites have a poor level of trustworthiness, acquiring a backlink from them could harm your own Google results.

Backlink checklists

What are the different types of Backlinks?

Let’s look at the various forms of backlinks that your website can get:

Guest Blogging Backlinks

While writing a guest blogging for well-known websites, it’s common to incorporate an editorial hyperlink to your own site.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest blogging is one of the most popular and straightforward methods for obtaining backlinks. You will have the ability to add a editorial hyperlink to your content whenever you post a blog to another high-quality website. Besides publishing great content on another high-quality website, you can simply create trust and legitimacy via other influential articles published.

The problem now is how to acquire high-quality backlinks. One of the simplest methods is to create a quality guest blogging site and begin outreaching for it. If you’re fresh toward the idea, you can also take use of the top guest blogging services for a low cost. As such, start improving your Strategy by perfecting guest blogging exposure.

Editorial Backlinks

Another sort of hyperlink that will help you attract more people for our website content is the literary backlink. When another authoritative website wants to link to your high-quality material, this is what it means. The primary goal of obtaining this link is to show support for their efforts and to disseminate important information to the public.

Generate everlasting content that establishes your standing as a thought leader to win the praise of your site and brand as a go-to source for discussions and industry expertise in order to acquire editorial backlinks. Develop accessible, interesting content with the potential to become viral. Apply SEO techniques capable of recognizing common phrases and themes that competitors have been successful with – but that your site has yet to address – to fill out the content plan.

Backlinks from webinars

A webinars backlink connects visitors to a live online session. The organizers will send the link to watch the videos after the webinars are finished.

In fact, some businesses may record a webcast in advance and then broadcast it as if it were a live event.

In this circumstance, the corporation may go so far as to produce pre-made crowd questions and respond to them on the recorded webinar as if they were live.

When you create a valuable resource on your website, it’s indeed common for other websites to put links to it. A webinars record is indeed a rising content that usually leads to backlinks. Other websites commonly link to or incorporate seminars from other companies, resulting in both links and brand mentions.

Dofollow Backlinks

The most popular and important sort of backlink for SEO is the dofollow link.

Whenever you add a dofollow link to your website, you’re informing Google that the link is natural—that is, the targeted website didn’t pay for it you’re verification for the integrity of the material on the other end.

“The information on either end of this link is essential and should be recognised,” Dofollow tells Google.

Dofollow links are followed by search engine crawlers. In other words, they keep crawling new pages that they find through regular links.

Here is an example of what a dofollow link looks like in HTML:

<a href=””>Blogger Outreach Service</a>

Nofollow Backlinks

Backlinks containing the rel=”nofollow” HTML tag are referred to as nofollow links. The nofollow element instructs search engines to disregard that particular link. Nofollow links do not convey PageRank, hence they are unlikely to have an effect on search engine results.

Backlinks having nofollow attribute are less popular. They’re also worth less. They’re used to warn search engines that a particular link should be ignored.

If we used a nofollow link on our example from above, it really would look like this:

nofollow link on our example

Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia is the world’s biggest online encyclopedia where visitors can organize and modify the content after they become a trustworthy panellists.

Users can acquire backlinks from Wikipedia articles that connect to your niche to spread the message. Despite the fact that the majority of the links are no-follow they are nevertheless of good quality. Identifying subjects in Wiki that are pertinent to your industry is Wikipedia backlinking approach. Then locate those articles and determine where they could benefit from additional material. Once you’ve found any gaps in the Wikipedia pages, develop and publish an article with your own website for fill gaps. Then just go back to Wikipedia, modify their article so the gaps you recognized are packed, and create a credible source going back to the supporting articles on your own website.

Badge Backlinks

Badge backlinks as in the shape of reward icons could be provided to other websites and blogs. If this method is appropriate for your business, you can utilize it to get links to your website.

You’ll need to give the receiver a bit of code to put on their site that includes a link back to yours. Bloggers find these sorts of backlinks from awards and badges.

For example, you might make a list of the most popular websites and then award badges to each of them. You’ll have to think outside the box here. Badge backlinks are difficult to come by, therefore they aren’t for everyone.

Comment Backlinks

You may publish a comment with a hyperlink whenever you leave a comment on a particular blog. Because spammers frequently abuse link-building tools, this technique can have a detrimental influence on them. However, if you leave comments on high-quality content, you can quickly boost the visibility of your website.

If you go this route, be sure you don’t go overboard. Make an effort to just comment on blogs that are of good quality and relevant to your sector. You can use the tools to find websites that are comparable to yours. You can check also Google Indexing Checklist.

How to find High Quality/relevant Backlinks in New Methods:

Building backlinks to your site requires time and dedication. Here are easy techniques to begin building high-quality backlinks for your website.

  • On your social media accounts, add links for your website.
  • Find an article that is already ranking well enough on Google and then improve it.
  • Write a list blog, a “how-to” comment, a “why” comment, an image, or a video-embedded article. Links are more common in such formats than that in conventional posts.
  • Write a good guide posts you can. These are lengthy posts with many thousand words that cover every aspect of the subject.
  • Special report on other people’s blogs and websites.
  • Inform influential people in your field or business about a post on your site that they might wish to link to.
  • Interview addressing business and send them a link; people would almost certainly link back to your site.


Tools That Will Get You More Backlinks-


Backlinks tend to be one of the most essential aspects of Google’s algorithm. As a result, if your competitors have more high-quality backlinks than you, they’ll be able to rank higher guests at the top of the search results.

Ubersuggest gives you access to our competitors’ backlink data, allowing you to better comprehend their web presence while chasing the same links.

Check My Links

This is one of the easiest backlink tools for SEO strategy to utilise as a Google Chrome extension.

Finding connection issues on other websites, contacting the appropriate party, and suggesting that it be replaced with one to our site is one of the best strategies to earn high quality incoming links.

Broken Link Builder

You are not compelled must look for faulty inbound links one site at a moment with this backlink checker tool. Instead, it does a web search on your behalf, assisting you in detecting connection issues in a couple of moments, and then presents you with the results.


In many aspects, ContentBird is a one-stop-shop for all things SEO. While many of its functions are geared at link development, they can also be used for:

  • Examine the attractiveness and quality on your backlinks.
  • Keep track of your standings.
  • Conduct keyword research in order to improve your search engine rankings.


There aren’t many backlink tools with as much strength and as many features as Pitchbox when it comes to backlink prospecting and marketing.

The below is just how the company describes itself:

“Pitchbox takes care of the tedious tasks so you can focus on what you do best: making genuine, one-on-one relationships with the individuals you want to reach.”

What is the best way to check my backlinks?

Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and other backlink tracking tools can help you check your website’s backlinks.

It’s essential to keep a check on your backlinks. According to the Google Webmaster Standards, you must request that hazardous website owners delete their links from your site. If you don’t, Google may blame your website, and your page rank in search results will begin to decline.

You can use Google Search Console to helps you expand your site and check your backlinks, but it takes a long time and has a limited set of capabilities.

There are, however, speedier and more effective tools accessible. SEMrush, for example, can instantly resolve all three of those crucial questions, as well as a lot more.

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