How to Get your Company Globally-acclaimed with the help of Link building

Globalization, a worldwide movement towards the economy, has become unpredictable from 2020, with the GDP going below 3% of the baseline. In this situation, the only competitive advantage that is available for businesses is adaptability.

For all businesses, irrespective of whether they are startups or enterprises, going global has become a significant undertaking to stay in the competition. So, it has become essential for businesses to understand the pandemic’s impact and determine rewards that can outweigh the risks.

But, taking a small business globally can be a severely complex process, and companies must gain a deeper understanding of their targeted markets and their competition. It is also necessary for them to successfully launch and drive growth campaigns.

Today, more and more companies are leveraging link building to create their web presence and attract prospective customers to their websites. Link building can help extensively improve search engine visibility organically when combined with the most engaging content.

Creating a global PR strategy is one of the best ways to gain the most authoritative white-hat backlinks that can help you get a competitive advantage across all the industries. Here are some of the top tips to help your business become a brand and land on the headlines.

Top 7 tips to help your business go global

These link-building tips can help your business go global in no time.

#1 Plan your strategy

 Plan your strategy

The first and foremost step to consider for international link building is whether or not you have enough resources to run a campaign. Link building comes with various requirements, including research, outreach, content writing, etc.
Backlinks from the top websites can be tough, especially when it comes to attaining them from sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur or even NYTimes. But according to HubSpot statistics, about 51% of the have noticed significant positive effects from link building. This is why it is essential to create an effective link-building campaign.

In most cases, it is essential to carry out a lot of research and create the most compelling content to uncover the link between prospects and the candidates. So, to gain more success from the link building, it is necessary to throw in the proportionate resources.

#2 Know your requirements

what are your requirements

Before you start your link building campaign, it is necessary to understand what you hope to achieve for your brand. It would help if you understood the overall purpose of the campaign. Whether you want to drive sales, increase awareness or generate leads, creating a goal will help you achieve them.

#3 Assess the current opportunities

The link opportunities vary from industry to industry. However, it is necessary only to use link opportunities that can help offer you with the most potential customers.

The two main factors determining the link opportunities are the number of contents published in your niche and the market.

Firstly, it is essential to identify the ability of the bloggers or the niche-specific publications to link your content and services.

Secondly, it is essential to formulate a strategy to acquire the blogs, for example, reaching out to the top backlinking companies.

#4 Do you already have linking resources

ahrefs stats

Here is what your successful linking assets should look like.

There might be certain assets that can help your business earn backlinks when appropriately marketed. These assets may be specific products, content or even profiles, and in such cases using these assets will help accumulate several backlinks.

There might be various possibilities when it comes to link building. One such opportunity is to create a memorable press release. Make the most compelling headlines that attract customers’ attention to your products and services, including a catchy angle with the 5 Ws, including the who, what, where, when and why. The main aim is to differentiate your brand in one way or another.
You can also choose to use article writing as a way to highlight the work done by your company with straightforward yet informative content.

#5 What is currently working for you

link building strategy

It is necessary to check whether you are currently able to generate subscribers and leads. Figure out the various aspects that are already working in your favour. You can leverage those resources to become more economical. A research carried out by Semrush showed that the best strategies that helped with white-hat link building includes guest blogging, replicating competitors backlinks and using broken link building method.

#6 Align your business goals with your link building campaigns

For your link building campaign to be effective, it is necessary to align your business goals with the campaigns. For example, you are a company that sells various services related to technologies, so if you choose to reach out to a platform like TechCrunch, you will get the opportunity to get quality backlinks. You can also create a great impression on your prospective consumers.

#7 Consider all the potential bottlenecks


There are a few things that can slow down the process of your link building process. So, it is necessary to assess such activities and determine the ones that may need approval before launching your campaigns.

It is necessary to have some creative freedom and decide how to handle such situations. This will help the link building team to move forward towards positively impacting the business quickly.

Few more tips to help globalize your business

Apart from these top tactics, you can also choose to try a few of these tips to help your brand become globally acclaimed.

Try Giveaways

According to a research conducted by Hubspot, giveaways tend to increase the conversion rate to about 34%. Everyone indeed likes free stuff, so offering a promotion to reach out to the relevant audience will be advantageous.

Your business must offer something that is valuable to the public. Make sure to pitch your targeted media with the idea to spark an interest with potential customers.

Follow up

Global Expansion

About 26% of the journalists, reports and influencers give importance to your campaign when they receive follow-up emails. It is the best way to push them to check your content without overbearing them.

Be yourself

When reaching out to the different media channels and bloggers, it is essential to let your business’s personality shine through. Natural charisma helps to attract your audience, and it enables you to gain authenticity so embrace your individuality.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these tricks and tips to convert your business into a globally-acclaimed brand that actually makes a difference to the world.

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