Top 13 Strategies to a Successful Link building Strategy

It is no secret that the most organic links from the most authoritative sites can help improve the online presence of your brand. The most relevant links offer power and context to your pages and help you reach a larger audience base in your niche.

So, if you want to improve your organic traffic then link building should be a priority. Google and other SERPs will always rank a brand higher if they have the most relevant backlinks.

Why does link building matter?

You must have heard that the proper backlink campaigns act as the cornerstone of SEO. But have you ever wondered why?

Different researches show that having authority backlinks help you rank higher on the search engines. Not only, but they also help to create better credibility and authority of your brand for your audience.

But, that is not all. Having tens of thousands of links by spamming on a directory or comment section of a website will not do the trick. It is essential that you have backlinks from diverse sources as referring domains also play a significant role.

Now, that you are aware of the reasons why it is essential to build authority backlinks, let us look at some tips that can help with the process.

#1: Do Competitor analysis

Competitor backlinks analysis ahrefs

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” the saying goes runs true for all SEO efforts. So, the first tip for successful link building is a proper link audit.

It is best to scrape the top 10 competitors and take a look at their top DR and PA backlinks that are helping them rank higher. Using such information in your favor will allow you to discover the most valuable backlinks opportunities and outrank them in their own game.

You can also choose to use the top tools offered for SEMrush and Aref for getting an idea about the competiting domains.

#2: Be niche-specific

Niche backlinks can help you with targeted advertising. Thus, it is essential that you only stick to backlinks that cover your specific focal area. This will help you reach out to your relevant traffic without wasting your resources or time on unconverting traffic.

#3: Stick to content-based backlinks

content-based backlinks

Using various tactics like forum posting, web 2.0 contents, pdfs, videos, audios, business listings, social bookmarking, directory submission, and image and infographics can be extremely harmful for your website.

Using anything except content-based backlinks for improving your website’s authority will violate Google webmaster guidelines.

#4: Guest posting and Article writing Backlinks Only

These are the good old classic techniques that have been tested and reused for link-building. Publishing guest posts and articles in authoritative sites offer you various advantages.

The most significant advantage is that it helps to boost your ranking in the SERPs and indirectly increase traffic and sales.

The biggest advantage of guest blogging or article writing on the top sites is that it offers you with a perfect ratio of inbound links to outbound links. Having more inbound links helps to build credibility and improve your domain authority.

#5: Choose websites with the right inbound: outbound link ratio

The top websites have more inbound links. If you look at the top publications like Forbes or Entrepreneur you will see that more websites are linking to them as compared to the websites they are linking from.

Thus, it is necessary to choose a website that has provided genuine backlinks to various other websites and domains.

It is also necessary to check the domain authority and the page authority of the website you choose to get the backlinks from.

#6: Check the host backlink IP address

host backlink IP address

For successfully ranking your website higher on the search engines it is necessary that you have authority backlinks from different IP addresses.

Using tools like Ahrefs you can get a better idea about a host backlink. Which will help you make sure that you don’t use more than one relevant backlink from the same host backlink.

For eg: You will find that different websites within a host backlink have the same IP address. This means that the links will lead you back to different websites under the same host. This can be extremely harmful in terms of SEO and should be avoided at all costs.

#7: Choose a website with a higher domain ranking

For the backlinks to help improve your online presence further it is essential to choose websites that have higher domain ranking and page ranking than you.

For eg. If you choose a website with a domain ranking of 10 while yours is 20, you will not be profited by such backlinking.

On the other hand, if you choose a website with a domain ranking of 25 then you will find yourself ranking higher on the SERPs.

#8: Find relevant guest post links

Carrying out a google search on the relevant guest post links can also help with successful link building. Carrying out your search with the relevant keywords will help you find the URLs of similar sites offering guest blogs on similar topics.

For eg: If you are a marketing agency then you can type the keyword marketing + guest post to find the URL of websites offering guest posts for your niche. After which you can directly contact the website with the best site performance to get the most relevant and authoritative backlinks.

#9: Contact a blogger outreach company

Choosing a leading blogger outreach company like Linkbrood will improve your chances of getting the most dominant backlinks.

They have the expertise and years of experience in the field and can thus help you create a higher authority for your website. They can help you with the best tactics that will improve your chances of ranking high on the SERPs and of having higher domain and page ratings.

#10: Choose quality over quantity

Remember, that link building is all about quality and not quantity. Even if you have more than 10,000 links in your website you might not rank higher on the search engines. This may be because the links might not be relevant to your products or services or they may be scam links.

Always remember that having one authoritative link is much better than having 1,000 scam links.

#11: Choose a company with a google link index

You can only profit from your backlinks if they are from companies with google link index. To check the link index of your backlink you can simply type site: backlink URL. Always make sure that you use backlinks that have been indexed to improve your organic traffic.

Check the link index of an article that is posted 5 to 6 days earlier to get a better idea of the authority of the website you are taking your backlinks from.

#12: Avoid PBN Backlinking

Using PBN backlinking will create too many unnecessary outbound links for your website. So, it is better that you choose guest blogging backlinks over PBN backlinking.

In most cases, the PBN owners purchase various high authority domains and start creating blogs to target multiple industries. The main reason why this strategy is considered spammy by google is that private blogging networks need to buy expired domains for their existing consumers.

#13: Use manual link building

You will find various tools online like GSA and Moneyrobot that create automated backlinks for your website. Using such tools can significantly reduce your ranking in the SERPs.

Remember, that it is always better to take your time building a manual backlink than using automated software that offers links that are not valuable from the SEO standpoint.

#14: Go for broken link building strategy

It is an extremely effective and crafty link-building strategy. It helps to get your broken links up and running. Your main aim is to look out for links returning 404 errors.

You can use different tools like SEMrush to help research your SERP backlink competitors to find pre-qualified broken links that are relevant and SEO friendly.


After all link building isn’t rocket science. So use the strategies given above to get a better ranking on the SERPs.

Also, remember that all tactics do not work equally for all websites. So, it is essential that you test each of them and find the strategy that works best for you.

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