Top 10 Tips to make your Content Scannable

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Content Scannable

With a website user’s attention span as less as 7 seconds, it is necessary to come up with content that can hold their attention. There might have been situations where you feel that you are not getting the engagement that you deserve. So, what can you do to improve your client hold?

Well, the answer is quite simple. You need to come up with smart writing techniques. It is necessary to follow certain tactics to make the content more scannable and attractive to your audience.

Why do readers not read an article thoroughly and what can you do about it?

You will find that most readers are extremely impatient and when they go through a guest post or a blog they only scan through it. At least 84% of the audience don’t read a blog line-by-line. In most cases, they scan through the article to see whether they find anything relevant or intriguing.

Only in cases where they find content that holds their attention right from the beginning do they invest their time. So, it is extremely important to make sure that the content is initially scannable. This is what will help to reduce the bounce-back rates.

So, let us look at the top ten tips that can help with SEO content writing and can make your content more attractive.

Top 10 tips to make your content more scannable


#1: Start with an attractive introduction

The first thing that your audience will look at is your opening line. It should be snappy and unique. You should be able to create a level of curiosity in your readers by communicating about the benefits and uniqueness of your services.

A strong opening line will help with reader retention. Only if you can offer them something attractive and realistic will they read further.

#2: Use the best headlines

Your headline needs to be eye-catching. You need to come up with a content structure that pops up your headlines.

Your headlines should always be short and precise. It should also be compelling and attract readers with just a short glimpse. You need to make sure that your headline clearly states the benefits that your services offer.

#3: Write short paragraphs and sentences

The most scannable paragraphs and sentences are small and precise. Wordy sentences and huge paragraphs tend to make readers lose interest.

So, when you write short sentences and paragraphs readers get a visual clue of the ease of readability. It is human nature to read contents that look easy to comprehend. So, make sure to keep your sentences below 10 to 15 words. Also, remember to stick to a maximum of 40 to 50 words for your paragraphs.

#4: Choose simple words

No one wants to look up a dictionary while reading your guest post. So, remember to write the most simple words. Something that is easy to understand.

You should be able to convey your message to your readers accurately. This makes it essential for you to write accessible sentences and words. Remember to write as you speak and to keep your main point clear.

You should also remember not to introduce too many ideas within the same content. This can be extremely overwhelming for the readers. On the other hand, if you break your ideas into a series of posts it will attract more readers.

#5: Use a table of contents

A list format can attract much more interest than an essay format content. When readers see that your post is broken down into tables they find it easier to scan.

A table of content makes it easier for the readers to look through what the blog actually wants to convey.

#6: Use images with image captions and alt texts

Various researches show that readers are attracted to visual aids. So, adding the most captivating images can bring in more traffic to your website. So, including images relevant to your post improves the chances of your readers reaching the end of the content.

It is also a great idea to include image captions and alt texts as it attracts great attention. In most cases, readers tend to read the captions right below the image.

You can also include other multimedia content that will convey the information uniquely and hold your reader’s attention.

#7: Use a simple design

Creating a good design can be a huge plus point in attracting more traffic to your website. Always make sure to create a simple yet attractive design.

Always add clear and right-sized fonts and keep the proper spacing between each line. This helps to make the content more scannable for your viewers.

#8: Add relevant and helpful links

It is necessary to add both internal and external links to your content. The relevant internal links will help readers find the most relevant content on your website.

The external links on the other hand will show your readers have you done proper research for your content.

#9: Use quotes

The relevant quotes can help you establish an important point. It will also allow you to highlight your content and bring it to the notice of your audience.

Using quotations will not only help you stand above your competitors but also help to create more credibility.

#10: Write a precise content

There is no use writing a 5000 words content when you can make your point clear in 1000 words. Your main aim is to be specific and to the point.

Always remember that it is the value of the content that truly matters. Content with more word count will generally not attract the audience. So, make sure you only add relevant content in your post to disclose the benefits of your specific service or product.

Did you get a gist of the tips that can make your content scannable?

If so, they try them out while writing your next post.

If you need any help with writing your next guest post then you can contact LinkBrood, a leading content writing agency for its services. We will be more than happy to help you reach your targeted audience.

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